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Frogger is an arcade game created by Konami and released by Sega. It has been ported to various game consoles and home computers.


Your task in this arcade conversion is to guide a frog across a treacherous road and river, and to safety at the top of the screen. Both these sections are fraught with a variety of hazards, each of which will kill the frog and cost you a life if contact is made.

The road is full of cars and trucks, at variable speeds. The river water itself is fatal, as are the snakes which hover within on later levels. Frogger must use the arrangement of logs, turtles (which are only there for a short time) and alligators (but stay away form their faces), and then jump into one of the open home-cells, ideally one containing a fly for extra points. Once all holes have been filled, you move onto the next, harder, level.

Enemies and Hazards





Croc Mouth


  • Each upward jump closer to home—10 points
  • Each home slot filled—50 points, plus 10-point bonus for every second remaining in timer
  • Each lady frog escorted to home slot—200 points
  • Each fly in home slot landed on—200 points
  • Filling in all five home slots—1000 points