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Not to be confused with Frogger.


Frogs is a single-player platform video game developed by UPL / Sega / Gremlin in 1978. It is the first action video game with a jumping character (even before Donkey Kong), which by some definitions could make it an early platform game.[1] The player controls a frog on lilypads and attempts to catch (with the frog's tongue and while jumping) various insects (butterflies and dragonflies) worth different amounts of points in a set amount of time.

Frogs is one of the first arcade games (if not the first arcade game) to include a static background as part of the arcade cabinet. The game’s graphics were "projected" by laying the monitor flat on its back and reflecting the computer-generated graphics of the frogs and flies toward the player via a mirror at a 45-degree angle. (The game’s graphics were actually generated and shown backward, so the mirror reflection would show letters and numbers properly.)[1]

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