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Front Line is an arcade game released in 1982. It was ported to the Atari 2600, the ColecoVision, and the Nintendo Famicom. The ColecoVision version uses the Super Action Controller.


You must move upward across enemy battlefields, killing the attacking enemy soldiers with your bullets or grenades while avoiding land mines and big rocks. As you travel farther up, enemy soldiers will man their tanks (either big or small) and during this sequence, you can fling grenades to destroy these tanks or you can man your own tank (big or small). Once you are in a tank, use the rotary to aim your turret and fire. Big tanks can destroy both big and small tanks, but small tanks can only destroy other small tanks. If your tank is hit just once, you must press the Grenade button to escape before it explodes. But if your tank is hit twice, you will be killed.

When you make it to the end of the enemy battlefield at the top of the screen, there will be the enemy fortress equipped with a cannon that can destroy whatever tank you are in as well as kill you. Here you must jump out of your tank if you are in one and toss a grenade directly onto the enemy fortress while avoiding the cannon's line of fire. If you succeed in destroying the fortress, an injured enemy soldier will come up waving a white flag and the entire enemy army will surrender to you. Afterwards, you are rewarded a bonus and then the game begins again with increased difficulty.