Frontlines: Fuel of War is set in the not too distant future. The player takes over a soldier of the Western Coalition and takes part in the fight over world oil and fuel resources giving the game its name Fuel of War. The gameplay follows the battles between Red Star forces and the Western Coalition. Red Star consists of China and Russia something that seems probable in the future as both countries are Communist. The Western Coalition is a combination of armed forces from Britain and America. The player takes control of a member of the Stray Dogs an apparently squad sized unit of Western Coalition Soldiers.

The battles begin in destructible environments enhanced by the use of drones. The maps begin in what was southern Russia and moves closer to and ends in Moscow. The events seem to be possible as the increase in oil prices and decrease in oil supplies is commonplace in the 2008 news. The use of drones greatly enhances the game as the accessibility of the map and the easily controlled drones help to make use of the terrain. The drones used in the game are all currently in development by one of the countries in the game such as the Tiger Claw attack helicopter in development by China and the assault drone in development by America and Britain.

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