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Fury3 (also known as: Fury³ full name: Microsoft Fury3) is a video game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft in 1995 for Microsoft Windows. It is not a sequel to Terminal Velocity, but the two games share basic game mechanics and use the same game engine. Although it was redesigned to run natively under Windows 95, it can also work under Windows 3.1.

The game spawned an expansion pack titled F!Zone, which featured three new planets and nine missions to play, with a bonus level editor. A sequel, Hellbender was later made.

Players assume the role of a pilot named Councilor flying a fighter craft to eight planets (many based on real places, like Mars and New York) controlled by a militant robotic force called the Bions. Players fight three missions on each planet. Each of the missions involves destroying vital military targets in order to halt the Bions' progress on the planet. Players must then destroy either one or two Guardians who are the commanders of the particular Bion invasion force. Once players are done with one planet, they then move on to the next one.


During the IP Wars, the Terrans designed a race of bionic warriors known for their cunning and their brutal strength. Physically superior and ruthlessly aggressive, a single troop of Bions could eliminate the inhabitants of a planet within days.

The Bion war effort saved the Coalition, but nearly destroyed Terran. After the war, Bion aggression could not be contained. Peaceful coexistence between Bions and Terrans proved impossible. The ensuing Bion Wars are known for their brevity - and violence.

In 2832, the Coalition ordered complete Bion dismantlement, and instituted Terran's renowned Council of Peace - a military defense force inferior to none.... Unknown to the Coalition, a few Bions survived and have assembled on a distant planet called Fury.

Their plan is to seize seven more Coalition planets whose resources will help them attain their ultimate goal - total domination of space from the Bion Fury outpost.

As a member of Terran's Council of Peace, it's your mission to stop them. Welcome home, <Councilor>.

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