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Galaxy Wars is an arcade video game developed by Universal (game company), and manufactured by Taito in 1979.


File:Galaxy Wars 1979 from Taito Screen shot.png

Galaxy Wars Arcade game screen shot

Depress the fire button for a missile. The missile speed increases when depressing the fire button continuously. Guide the missile from a stationary launch pad to the top of the screen to blow up the invading fleet of armed UFO's while dodging meteorites and bombs. Points are awarded for blowing up various ships and range from 50-550 depending on the ship. There is a bonus chance of 600 points for one pattern. After clearing a level or "pattern" as the back of the flyer calls it, the player was rewarded with messages like "Good!!" after 3 screens cleared, "Very Good!!" after 7 screens cleared, "Wonderful!!" after 10 screens cleared, and "Fantastic!!" after 15 screens cleared. Players who failed to score any points were told to "Give Up!!" A launcher appears every 3,000 additional points (5,000 if the adjustment is made in the controlling dip switches in the arcade cabinet).

The game has a 1up and 2up player score and High Score tallied at the top of the screen.

The arcade cabinet has one joystick to move the launcher left to right and guide the missiles.


The Arcade Flyer advertised Galaxy Wars making its debut in place of Space Invaders which was already considered a game sensation in Japan. There was a significant similarity to Space Invaders, especially the color choices.It was later used as a film series parody of Star Wars on Zoey 101, Drake & Josh and iCarly and has appeared as a documentary on Futurama

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