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The GameCube Game Disc is a Nintendo-developed proprietary optical disc media for the GameCube. It is based on a variation of the 8 cm DVD, or MiniDVD. The GameCube Game Disc holds 1.5 GiB of information, and a barcode located on the inner ring of the disk surface assists in disc verification, helping to prevent software piracy.

The main difference between the GameCube Game Disc and the MiniDVD format is that the data track on the GameCube Game Disc begins from the outside, as opposed to the inside for MiniDVD and all other DVD formats. This difference meant that Nintendo did not have to pay royalties to the DVD Forum.

Though the GameCube Game Disc could hold quite a bit of information for its time, games which used a lot of voice work or FMV frequently needed to be placed on two discs, such as Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.