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GameDesire is a Polish video game development studio founded in 2004 by Marek Wylon. Based in Kraków, Poland, the company was previously known as Ganymede and in 2015 it was re-branded as GameDesire.[1] [2] It is best known for its free-to-play cross-platform Live Pro social games series that include Snooker Live Pro, Pool Live Pro, Poker Live Pro, which are available on mobile devices. Some of the games are integrated with social media platforms, such as Facebook,, Odnoklassniki and[3] GameDesire is the owner and publisher of – a gaming and social platform. In 2014 the company launched the GameDesire Academy program, a free series of educational lectures explaining the processes of creating games. In 2015, MCI.TechVentures 1.0 - part of MCI Capital invested in GameDesire.[4]

GameDesire is also the developer of Armada - a free game software Docker-based PaaS solution for development, deployment, configuration and discovery of micro-services.

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