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GameRankings is a website that collects review scores from both offline and online sources to give an average rating.[1] It indexes over 315,000 articles relating to more than 14,500 games.

GameRankings is owned by CBS Interactive. Similar websites include GameStats, Metacritic, MobyGames, and TopTenReviews.


GameRankings collects and links to (but does not host) reviews from other websites and magazines and averages specific ones.[2] While hundreds of reviews may get listed, only the ones that GameRankings deems notable are used for the average. Scores are culled from numerous American and European sources. The site uses a percentage grade for all reviews in order to be able to calculate an average, however, because not all sites use the same scoring system (some rate out of 5 or 10, while others use a letter grade), GameRankings changes all other types of scores into percentages using a relatively straightforward conversion process.[1]

When a game has a certain number of reviews, it is given a ranking compared to all other games in the database and a ranking compared to games on its console.

The current highest rated game is Zen Bound, with 97.86%.

Site Inclusion Rules[]

There are fairly specific rules that GameRankings follows to determine which review sites are used in calculating a game's overall score. From the GameRankings Help page, they are:

  • Sites must have at least 300 archived reviews for a multi-system/multi-genre sites, or 100 reviews for single-system or genre sites.
  • Sites must publish a minimum of 15 reviews a month.
  • Sites must be visually appealing and look professional.
  • Sites must review a variety of titles.
  • Sites must have a dedicated domain name with professional hosting.
  • Site reviews must be well written.
  • Sites must conduct themselves in a professional manner.[1]

However, some sites that follow these rules are not included, such as sites in non-English languages.

Some notable sites whose scores are included:

  1. IGN
  2. Gamespot
  3. GameZone
  4. Game Informer
  5. Gamespy[3]


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