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GameTrailers is a media website that specializes in broadcast-quality video game related content for users with high-speed broadband Internet access. It provides users with subscription-free, on-demand access to original programming, as well as to game trailers, cinematics and prerecorded game play.

Content is posted throughout the day, and much of it is provided in High definition.

The site was started in 2002 by gamers who didn't like slow downloading trailers on other gaming sites. Game trailers has a robust user-community who create hours of movies daily. Although the majority of them are related to video games, a large portion of them deals with anime, cartoons, funny videos, etc. The users can also create blogs, and participate in a forum section. The large and comprehensive online Community Section allows users to customize their game pads, upload user movies and much more. There are factions for selected game players or other interests. There is also a "Faction Forum" section where only Faction members can view these forums.

In December 2004 Game Trailers was relaunched, providing millions of trailers a month to gamers. New features were added such as user registration, game tracking, platform sorting, expanded forums, fan movies, user ratings and the Gametrailer Top20 that ranks the most popular game trailers according to user feedback and number of views.

User Movies are home trailers anyone can make by putting downloaded trailers into Windows Movie Maker / iMovie and edit them with special effects, credits - etc. After you upload your user movie, people all around the world can view them. Users can Rate and comment on your movie. User Movie Contests are held where different users battle it out to win the grand prize! It also hosts "GT Weekly," a video segment hosted by Amanda Mackay, which covers new video game releases, conventions, and industry news.

The GT community has admins who are constantly updating the site. New features are always being added.