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This is a list of other game database Wikis other than the Codex Gamicus. Also see Wiki's Gaming and Computer Games categories for many series- and genre-specific wikis.

Gaming Wikis

Strategy Wiki

StrategyWiki is a collaborative wiki which seeks to become the largest source for video game strategy guides!

Wiki Wiki

Wiki offers free MediaWiki hosting for your community to build a free content wiki-based website. Find out why you should use Wiki and request a new wiki in any language or see our list of wikis to visit an existing one.


Game.scribblewiki - the open source computer and video games encyclopaedia. Is a resurection of which was fully spammed when the admin left


GamerWiki is a collaborative, online, videogame encyclopedia, using Wiki software that allows anyone to contribute

Sensei's Library

Sensei's Library is an internet website and wiki, dedicated to articles about and discussion of the game of Go. It is one of the largest and most active wikis outside of the Wikipedia project on the internet. According to a statement appearing on the website, it is maintained by Arno Hollosi and Morten Pahle.

Valve Developer Community

The Valve Developer Community is a MediaWiki wiki used to replace a formal documentation for the Source engine SDK and related Valve projects (such as Steam).


An gaming wiki created by ICGamers. Currently we have 282 articles online. The files pertain to the microsoft Xbox

Other game related

Game Programming Wiki

The Game Programming Wiki was created on August 1st, 2004 by Ryan Clark. It is the descendant of Ryan's VB Game Programming Website, though its scope has clearly broadened.

However, the purpose remains the same: To provide a single source for easy-to-use and thoughtfully presented game programming information.

The idea of a wiki is to let everyone share and edit content. The Game Programming Wiki is under constant modification by many of its users. All these users together make the wiki grow and become a large knowledge base for game programming (and related) articles.

The Game Programming Wiki also has a forums section. It is the place for discussions, problems, and ideas regarding your game, a future game, or about the wiki. Many of the articles (contributions) found in the wiki originated from an idea at the forum. The wiki and the forum together make this site a respectable interactive knowledge base.

Game Ontology

The Game Ontology Project (GOP) is a framework for describing, analyzing and studying games. It is a hierarchy of concepts abstracted from an analysis of many specific games. GOP borrows concepts and methods from prototype theory as well as grounded theory to achieve a framework that is always growing and changing as new games are analyzed or particular research questions are explored.

The Game Ontology Project’s approach is to develop a game ontology that identifies the important structural elements of games and the relationships between them, organizing them hierarchically. The use of the term ontology is borrowed from computer science, and refers to the identification and (oftentimes formal) description of entities within a domain. Often, the elements are derived from common game terminology (e.g. level and boss) and then refined by both by abstracting more general concepts and by identifying more precise or specific concepts. An ontology is different than a game taxonomy in that, rather than organizing games by their characteristics or elements, it is the elements themselves that are organized.

RPGnet Wiki

The main purpose of this Wiki is to provide a space for various community RPG projects. This will include: people creating their own game systems; people communally creating game settings; and people creating collections of resources for their favorite games. Likely, other things will come up too.

This Wiki is explicitly not meant to replace any of the other functions of RPGnet. Thus it's not a place for general discussion, reviews, or articles or columns.