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Gang Garrison 2
Developer(s) Faucet Software
Engine Custom engine built with Game Maker
status Status Missing
Release date 2008 (initial release), 2009 (2.0)
Genre Shooter game
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Input Keyboard & Mouse only
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Gang Garrison 2 is a freeware, open-source, indie video game "demake" of Valve Software's Team Fortress 2. Inspired by the 3D graphics of Team Fortress 2, it takes place in a 2D, 8-bit environment, while retaining its online multiplayer gameplay. The game was started by users "mrfredman" and "MedO", with other users contributing to development. It was conceived as an entry into the 2008 "Bootleg Demake" competition.


Gang Garrison 2 uses the major gameplay tenets of Team Fortress 2, while modifying them for use in 2D. The player can choose one of nine different classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. One is hidden and can be accessed by pressing 'Q' at the class select screen.[1] Each class had their name changed, and lack abilities as specialized as Team Fortress 2 due to technical constraints.[1] The classes are: Runner, Detonator, Rocketman, Firebug, Constructor, Rifleman, Healer, Overweight, and Infiltrator. Additionally, the main characters from Cave Story make guest appearances as the hidden 10th class.[1] Each character only possesses one special ability and one weapon; for example, the Rifleman's rifle and the Infiltrator's revolver. There are four game modes, capture the flag, involves capturing a briefcase filled with intelligence, Control Point, in which either one team defends and the other team attempts to capture the points, generator mode, where each team tries to destroy the opposing team's generator, and arena, where players try to kill all of the opposing team's players or caputure the middle control point when it opens.[1] "Critical" shots, special attacks which cause extra damage in Team Fortress 2, have been removed in Gang Garrison 2.[1] Games are played on online gameservers hosted by the community, which the player can find using the lobby server or join manually if they know its IP address and Port number.[2] Servers can be password protected.


Development of Gang Garrison 2 began as an entry into the 2008 "Bootleg Demake" competition by mrfredman. While it did not win the competition, it later grew in popularity on the site's forum. Initially the game lacked several features and balancing, especially class abilities for the Constructor and the Infiltrator, which caused other developers to decompile the code and update the game[1] without consent. The original development team reacted by merging the unofficial changes and releasing the game under an open source license to allow contribution to the official version and avoid further forks.[3] Version 2.0 was released on February 10, 2009. This version included taunts, new music, maps, and options, various graphical improvements, a spectator mode, autobalance, kill notification, and in-game communication.[4] Version 2.1 was released on May 3, 2009, with 4 smaller updates and one major update being released since (The current version is 2.2). Version 2.1.4 included Control Points, new music, maps, various graphical updates, Demoman "sticky counter", sentry hud, and "superburst", a medic ability very similar to Team Fortress 2's "Ubercharge", and various other smaller tweaks.[4] Version 2.2 introduced 2 more game modes, "arena" and "generator", as well as adding some type of ammo restriction for every class.

The creators of the new game warn that officially it is still a work in progress.[4]


Gang Garrison 2 is open source and developed using Game Maker, resulting in a large number of Mods created by the community, ranging from experimental AI to sprite mods. The game uses a UUID protocol identifier system, allowing mod creators to control whether the mod is compatible with regular Gang Garrison 2 servers or only itself.


Gang Garrison 2 received positive reviews from critics. Darren Gladstone of PC World noted that the game "translates surprisingly well [to 2D]."[5] Tyler Nagata of Games Radar commented that it "is guaranteed to make you grin when you hear its cover of the TF2 theme song with MIDI-fied bleeps and bloops ... and ... when you start scrolling through the game’s super pixilated takes on TF2 classes."[6] Scott Sharkey of 1UP wrote that the game "was pretty much at the top of the heap [of demakes]," also stating the possibility that he might "prefer this thing to Team Fortress 2" and that it was "a great way to blow a few minutes while putting off work."[7]

Eric Smith of the Team Fortress 2 development team expressed support for the game, announcing version 2.1 on the official TF2 blog.[8]


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