Codex Gamicus

Gaplus is an arcade game released in 1984. It is a sequel to both Galaxian and Galaga, and was also released as Galaga 3.


Gameplay is similar to Galaga and Galaxian, with the player blasting away at an armada of bugs floating around at the top of the screen. Some new differences that appear in this game include:

  • The player now has greater mobility, being able to move around vertically and horizontally in the bottom half of the screen.
  • The Queen Gaplus (its version of the Galaxian flagship) drops a power-up when it is shot, that the player must capture. One of its power-ups allows his ship to project a tractor beam that can capture alien bugs and add them as escorts to increase both firepower and range.
  • The bonus stages have a few aliens that appear in three groups. When the player hits one of the aliens with a shot, it bounces up and around. The object in the bonus stages is to hit the same aliens as many times as you can before they disappear off the screen.
  • Some levels have the starfield reverse direction, while the enemies come in waves and then leave instead of entering into formation.