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Garfield: Caught in the Act is a platform game starring the comic strip cat, Garfield. The game, developed by Sega, was released in 1995 for the Genesis/Mega Drive and Game Gear, and in 1996 was released for Windows. The game was also released for PCs in the Sonic & Garfield Pack, along with Sonic & Knuckles Collection and Baku Baku Animal.

All the sprites were created by Garfield creator Jim Davis and hand-drawn by Davis and the Garfield artists at Paws.

A port for the 32X was planned, called Garfield in TV Land, but it was cancelled.


Odie scares Garfield while he is watching television, and he ends up falling on the television. In a rushed effort to repair the television before Jon catches them, Garfield and Odie attempt to put the banged up and broken pieces together. They did actually put something together, but it was far from being a real television. As Garfield throws away the spare pieces, they become an electronic monster...the Glitch. The Glitch transports Garfield into the television. Now he must defeat the Glitch and make his way out.


The game is a platformer, with Garfield being able to attack enemies up close or throw objects at them (the close-range weapons and objects thrown change between each level). There are also two special stages: one that resembles a Whac-A-Mole game, and one in which Garfield flies through a tunnel, trying to grab Pookies for an extra life or continue.


The original Mega Drive game features six levels. SEGA Channel subscribers could download Garfield: The Lost Levels, that featured 3 different levels.

The Game Gear version includes eight levels, two of which appear in the Lost Levels. There is only one type of bonus stage (accessed by finding an icon of Arlene's face in each level), in which you try to wreck everything in Jon's living room within a time limit to get an extra life. Garfield does not have different outfits in each level, and the attacks are the same in all levels (his close-range is a punch, and the projectile are stones). There are no invincibility items. In the between-level segments, you do not take damage from the obstacles; instead, they teleport you back to the start of that segment.

In the PC, there is a new level, Alien Landscape, and the Mega Drive levels are arranged in a different order.

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