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Ghost of Tsushima is a 2020 action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions. The story follows samurai Jin Sakai as he fights to save Tsushima Island from the first Mongol invasion. As the war wages on, Jin progressively drifts away from his samurai code, straining his position and relationship with his family.



The game is set on Tsushima Island in 1274, during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Eighty of the island's samurai, including the island's jito Lord Shimura, and his nephew and ward, Jin Sakai, join together in an effort to slow the invasion. However, the battle ends in disaster, with the samurai army falling to the invaders. Shimura is captured by the invasion's leader Khotun Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan and cousin of Kublai Khan. Jin is gravely wounded and left for dead, but is saved and nursed back to health by a thief named Yuna. With most of Tsushima having already fallen to the Mongols, Jin storms Khotun Khan's stronghold at Castle Kaneda in an effort to rescue Lord Shimura and turn the tide. However, he is bested by the Khan in combat and thrown off a bridge.

Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura[]

Realizing that neither he nor traditional samurai battle tactics will work against the Mongols, Jin begins searching for allies to help him rescue Shimura. He enlists the help of Lady Masako Adachi, the sole survivor of Clan Adachi, famed archer Ishikawa, Yuna and her blacksmith brother Taka, shady sake merchant Kenji, and his old friend Ryuzo, a mercenary and head of the Straw Hat rōnin. Along the way, Jin begins to employ new tactics against the Mongols, including ways that violate the samurai code.

As he begins retaking the island and liberating settlements, he begins to be referred as "the Ghost" by the locals (partly at Yuna's encouragement). Jin launches a second assault for Castle Kaneda, this time with his allies and stealthier techniques. However, Ryuzo and the Straw Hat betray Jin and turn to the Khan out of desperation and hunger. Jin bests Ryuzo in a duel and continues the battle, this time saving Lord Shimura and retaking Castle Kaneda. Meanwhile, the Khan travels north, and takes Castle Shimura with Ryuzo's help.

Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura[]

Act 3: Kill the Khan[]



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Ghost of Tsushima is the third Western title to receive a perfect 40/40 score from Famitsu.