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The following page is a walkthrough for the 2018 game God of War.


This is the default control configuration.

  • L1 button: Block/Parry
  • L2 button: Aim
  • R1 button: Light Attack
  • R2 button: Heavy Attack
  • Left analog stick: Move

Difficulty Levels[]

These are the difficulty levels of God of War, listed in order of ascending difficulty.

  • Give Me a Story:
  • Give Me a Balanced Experience:
  • Give Me a Challenge
  • Give Me God of War (NOTE: Once this difficulty is selected, it cannot be changed mid-game)


  • PlayStation 4 Trophies


The Journey[]

"The Journey" is the main quest line for the game. Quests in The Journey are indicated by a yellow diamond with a white handprint in the center.

  • The Marked Trees


Favors serve as side quests for the game.