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Godzilla: Monster of Monsters is a Nintendo Entertainment System video game released in the US in 1989 by Toho Co., Ltd.


The mysterious Planet X appears when Pluto and Neptune switch positions in the solar system, and its inhabitants begin an attempt to conquer the Earth, using a legion of space monsters (though some of these creatures were in fact from Earth) as their primary attack force. The King of Monsters Godzilla, joins forces with the guardian monster Mothra and the forces of Earth to repel the invasion forces.


The game features two playable characters, Godzilla and Mothra. The player uses both monsters in turn by selecting the desired character on a virtual gameboard, representative of the planet it is on, and moving it like a chess piece. Each space is a hexagon that represents playable, side-scrolling levels. Each board contains several monsters from the Godzilla series such as Ghidorah, Moguera, and Mechagodzilla, and the objective is to clear each board of enemy monsters before advancing to the next board. Battles are fought when the player moves Godzilla or Mothra adjacent to an enemy monster, and are reminiscent of a versus fighting game. If the player moves to a space that is not adjacent to an enemy monster, the player instead plays a small side-scrolling level.

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