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Golf Resort Tycoon is a business simulation computer game developed by Cat Daddy Games and published by Activision in 2001.


The game is based on the premise of players constructing their own golf resorts with a limited amount of funds hoping to earn more income through the satisfaction of the resort's attendees. There are two gameplay modes: Instant Action and Challenges. Instant Action allows a player to freely create his own golf resort. Challenges requires a player to complete specific series of tasks.


Most of the reviews for Golf Resort Tycoon stated that it was a mediocre game overall. Gamespot gave it a 6.2,[2] stating "Golf Resort Tycoon can be a nice diversion and a decent way to kill time in short spurts, but it's definitely not for everyone."


A sequel to Golf Resort Tycoon, Golf Resort Tycoon II was released in 2002.

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