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Goofy Goof

Donald's magic makes Goofy look more like a Final Fantasy character. That's not a joke. That's the in-game explanation for his outfit.

Game Series Kingdom Hearts series
First Appearance Kingdom Hearts
Alias: George Geef, G. G. Geef, Dippy Dawg, Super Goof
Weapon(s): Shield

Though Goofy Goof (almost always called just 'Goofy') has (probably) been in lots of Disney games, his most important role (and most likely the only one anyone cares about) is in Kingdom Hearts. Goofy is the captain of the royal knights of Disney Castle, and the King's most loyal subject. The King, in his unexpected absence, left behind a note for Goofy and Donald, telling them to find the one who bears 'the Key'. So, they found Sora. They end up following Sora for most of the rest of the game.

If this doesn't make you giggle you're dead inside.

Goofy supposedly despises weapons, so he uses a shield... as a weapon. Makes sense. He plays the role of the 'guardian' in the party, whereas Donald is the magic user and Sora is kind of like a Red mage. Goofy has a LOT of pockets, and can hold lots of potions and ether to cure party members. Later in the game, he learns MP Gift, which allows him to give 3 MP to any other party member at the cost of 1 MP, this makes him indispensable and awesome. Goofy's attacks are all unique to him, as they all involve hitting things with his shield. In Atlantica Goofy turns into a turtle, and his shield rests on his shell. He also looks hilarious.

Goofy's Halloween Town costume. Scary.

Neither Goofy nor Donald have really big or important roles in the story, other than the fact that they are Sora's friends. This fact becomes increasingly more important as the game progresses.

Oh, and he's a dog.

Goofy in Kingdom Hearts[]

In the first Kingdom Hearts game Goofy and Donald were given orders by the King to find the key bearer, which lead them to Sora. Goofy, Donald and Sora traveled to different worlds in search of the King, and Sora's friends, Riku and Kairi. This ultimately lead to them saving the world or something.

Goofy's move list[]

  • At level 9 Goofy learns Rocket - Leap at an airborne enemy and attack with shield. (Special Attack, Cost: 1 MP, AP Required: 1)
  • At level 12 Goofy learns Jackpot - Receive more munny and HP/MP balls in battle. Equip to entire party to boost. (AP Required: 2)
  • At level 15 Goofy learns Charge - Charge and knock out an enemy with shield. (Special attack. Cost: 1 MP, AP Required: 2)
  • At level 18 Goofy learns Treasure Magnet - Attract nearby HP/MP balls, munny, and items. Equip two to attract them from even further away. (AP Required: 2)
  • At level 21 Goofy learns Tornado - Whirl after an enemy, using shield to attack. (Special attack. Cost: 1 MP, AP required: 2)
  • At level 27 Goofy learns Lucky Strike - Raises luck so that enemies drop rare items more often. Equip to entire party to boost effect. (AP required: 3)
  • At level 30 Goofy learns MP Gift - Give up MP to give 3 MP to a friend. (Support skill. Cost: 1 MP, AP required: 3)
  • At level 33 Goofy learns Second Wind - Recover from KO status quickly with HP fully restored. (AP required: 3)
  • At level 36 Goofy learns Second Chance - Description: Keep 1 HP even after taking a critical hit. (AP required: 2)
  • At level 39 Goofy learns MP Rage - Recover MP whenever you're hit in battle. Heavier damage restores more MP. Equip more to boost effect. (AP required: 2)
  • At level 42 Goofy learns Treasure Magnet - Attract nearby HP/MP balls, munny, and items. Equip two to attract them from even further away. (AP Required: 2)
  • At level 45 Goofy learns MP Rage -
  • At level 51 Goofy learns MP Haste - Boosts MP recovery rate in battle, allowing more spellcasting. (AP required: 3)
  • At level 54 Goofy learns Berserk - Boosts attack power when HP is critically low. Combine with a weapon skill for more power. (AP required: 1)
  • When Parasite Cage is defeated Goofy learns Cheer - Increases the summons' MP gauge, giving them more time and attacks per battle. Equip to entire party to boost effect. (AP required: 1)

Goofy's personal customization[]

Regular Attacks: Frequently
Special Attacks: Constantly
Shield techniques: Constantly
Support Actions: Frequently
HP Items: Frequently
MP items: Only in emergency

Goofy's journal entry[]

"Captain of the royal knights. He avoids fighting whenever possible. Mickey's most loyal subject. Because Mickey said to follow the key bearer, he once left Sora to follow Riku. But friendship soon led him back to Sora."

Goofy in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[]

Remember Goofy? He's back! In card form! In this game, the 'Goofy card' can be obtained in battle from an enemy. It can be used to call Goofy onto the field, who attacks things with his shield. Later in the game, Sora can learn the Trinity Limit combo, which uses the Goofy and Donald cards, in addition to any Keyblade card, to severely damage and usually kill everything on screen.

Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 2[]

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