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A Goomba's artwork from New Super Mario Bros.

Game Series Mario series
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 1985
Japanese Name: Kuribo
Occupation: Foot Soldier of King Bowser
Trademark: Easily flattened

Goombas are enemies originating from the Mario series. They are also known as Kuribo. They have been around since the third game, (SMB) making them something of an iconic enemy. Goombas are the basic enemy of Mario and his games. They are mushroom based enemies that are simply to be jumped upon and flattened. Do you remember the joy of squashing them into the ground, as opposed to just knocking enemies off the screen, as you did with Koopas?

Though they have been flattened by Mario and Luigi many times, Goombas have rarely been given leading or playable roles, except in the RPG games, such as Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG. While other enemies like Shy Guys and Koopas get the star treatment in Mario sports titles like Mario Power Tennis, Goombas continue to be ignored. The following is a list of notable Goomba characters in the RPG games, acting as a credit to their race; Role models for young Goombas to follow.

Another interesting thing about Goombas is that they appear to be Mushrooms gone bad. Look at the close resemblance!

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