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Goombario's appearence in Paper Mario

Game Series Mario series
First Appearance Paper Mario
Japanese Name: Kurio
Affiliation: Mario
Species: Goomba
Age: Young (probably around 8-10)
Family: Sister - Goombaria

Mother - Gooma Father - Goompa Grandmother - Goomama Grandfather - Goompapa

Home: Goomba Village
Weapon(s): His own head.
Skill(s): Tattle, Headbonk
Special Skill(s): Charge, Multi-bonk
Trademark: Blue cap.
Notes: Goombario is the first partner Mario befriends in Paper Mario.

Goombario is a blue-cap-wearing goomba that is Mario's first partner in the original Paper Mario. He is a huge fan of Mario, as hinted by his name.