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Gourmet Guy is a character that appears in Paper Mario. He appears in Chapter 4, inside Shy Guy's Toybox. He is blocking the path to get to one of the toy train switches.


Gourmet Guy is encountered during Shy Guy's Toybox. He is blocking the path that leads to the red switch. Despite asking for food, he will only move if the player gives him a delicious cake baked by Tayce T. (which she'll make for Mario if he finds her frying pan somewhere in the level). After eating the cake, Gourmet Guy is stunned to taste something so delicious, he explodes into the air, leaving behind a cookbook.

At the end of Chapter 4, Princess Peach meets Gourmet Guy, who is extremely hungry (again). He asks her to make him something yummy, which, after consulting the recipe book, is decided on a delicious strawberry cake. After making the cake, depending on how well the player followed the recipe, Gourmet Guy will either spit it out in disgust, or explode with the same fervor he did back in Shy Guy's Toybox. If the first result happens, the player will have to complete the process starting from the spot that there was a mistake at (Gourmet Guy will hint where the mistake was made such as an excess of toppings, or not cooking long enough). If the latter happens, Gourmet Guy calms down, and offers Princess Peach a tip on where they're hiding the 5th Star Spirit, as well as what is guarding it. Gourmet Guy also claims he doesn't dislike Mario.


Gourmet Guy is extremely obese, carrying a fork and knife in his hands, as well as a napkin tucked into his shirt.