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Gradius II is the sequel to Gradius, and like the first, is a Shmup.

Gradius II: Gofer no Yab グラディウスⅡ ~GOFERの野望 ("Gradius II: The Ambition of Gofer"). Originally released as an arcade game, and later ported to other platforms. This version is completely different from the MSX Gradius 2 mentioned above. It is known to exist on the following platforms: Nintendo Famicom, MSX, NEC PC Engine, Sega Saturn (packaged with Gradius as Gradius Deluxe Pack), Sony PlayStation (packaged with Gradius as Gradius Deluxe Pack). In some areas, Gradius II was released under the name Vulcan Venture. The MSX version was released as Gofer no Yab グラデ´: Episode II to distinguish it from the earlier Gradius sequel for the MSX and was retitled Nemesis 3: Eve of Destruction in Europe. The MSX game has extra options, like the ability to choose between ships.


You control a spaceship with which you use to fly through space and several different types of terrain, blasting at spaceships, aliens, organisms, and armaments. You collect power-up pods that you can use to activate power-ups such as speed, bombs, double-shots, lasers, options, and shields. At the end of the level there is a boss creature that you must defeat to continue on to the next level.

MSX Version[]

The first sequel to be produced exclusively for the MSX, and the first Gradius to have a graphic intro detailing the plot. Also, it had the unique feature of acquiring weapons from a defeated boss. It was later given a facelift and released on the Sharp X68000 computer as Nemesis '90. It is known to exist on the following platforms: MSX, Sharp X68000. Called Nemesis 2 in Europe.