Codex Gamicus

Welcome to Spider City. No, that's really what they called it.

Official Name Grandville
Level Range 40-50
Zone Type City
Arena Access? No
Task Force
Strike Force Lord Recluse
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster Spawns Arachnos Flier
Transportation Portal to Recluse's Victory, Ferry to Sharkhead Isle, Nerva Archipelago, St. Martial and Cap Au Diable
Hero Groups * Longbow
Villain Groups * Arachnos
* Arachnoids
* Crey
* Circle of Thorns
Contacts * Wiggy the Brit (Broker)
* Black Scorpion
* Ghost Widow
* Scirocco
* Captain Mako
* Westin Phipps
* Terrance Dobbs
* Regant Korol
* Dr. Forrester
* Arbiter Daos
* Mage-Killer Zukhara
* Number 204 (Requires Venomous badge)
* Ambassador Kurh'rekt (Requires Tourist badge)
* Shadow Spider
* Abyss
* Efficiency Expert Pither
* Tavish Bell
* Vernon von Grun
* Operative Grillo
* Television (Requires Master of the Airwaves badge)
* Viridian (Requires Tracer, Tank Buster and Infiltrator badges, and 200 kills each of Crey and Council)
Districts * Spider City
* The Gutter
* The Tangle
Exploration Badges * Guttersnipe: 2861, -475, 2310
* Master of the Airwaves: 2726, 734, 1043
* Overlord: 1358, -441, -597
* Sewer Dweller: 2682, -443, -731
History Plaques * Arachnos Rising 1: 1724, -459, 1515
* Arachnos Rising 2: 2765, -340, 794
Connected Zones

Grandville is the capital city of The Rogue Isles in City of Villains.


Grandville started as a small pirate town, but grew large and prosperous in the 1950s. Without room to expand, new structures were built atop existing ones. Fortress-like in nature, Recluse choose it to be the site of Spider City, his new capital. In the center he built his Watchtower, and the WEB around it, a tangle of steel that connects the tallest structures. In the Watchtower one can find Lord Recluse himself and all his lieutenants. It is also the site of his time travel experiments.

Down in the Gutter one can find infestations of Arachnoids, a failed supersoldier project. Crey Corporation has a strong presence on the island and can be seen trying to study these failures, and stealing other Arachnos technology. The Circle of Thorns also attacks Arachnos here, but are easily beaten back.

From time to time an Arachnos Flier will launch from the Watchtower and drop patrols off on the beaches, its firepower is sizable.