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Gurume Sentai Barayarō (美食戦隊 薔薇野郎,? "Rose Rascals: Gourmet Squadron") is a surreal side-scrolling beat-'em-up developed by Winds and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment for the Super Famicom video game console exclusively in Japan in 1995. The game's official slogan is the "most fantastic taste-explosion battle game ever ( 史上最狂の、激うまバトルゲーム ?)" as seen from the back of the game package. When enemies are defeated, they drop various items of ingredients (food) that, after completion of a stage, can serve to replenish one's health meter. This is made possible through a process of mixing two ingredients together to create a meal (hence the name "gourmet" in the title). Some of the possible meals that can be made include a salad, spaghetti seafood, fried shrimp, ice cream, and scallops. Combinations of food can either be two of the same items (two vegetables can be combined to make a salad) or between two different food items (pork and rice can make a special meal in a bowl).

One of the game's notable features is that a button is used to make the character use various sentai poses when held down and used with the directional pad. While it is not beneficial, this was added to make the character flex his or her muscles for show. Each stage has a time limit; players lose all the ingredients that were acquired when the timer reaches zero. However, the game has no concept of how many lives the player can have in the game; it's an automatic game over if the player dies.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the game was 9,800 yen ($109.59 in 2010 American dollars).


Sometime in the 21st century, the metropolis known as Zeus Heaven Magic City has made a miraculous recovery from the fires of a nuclear World War III. But to survive in this city of power and technology, eating the protein found in food was required. Eventually, the secret organization of evil called Bath came to power under the slogan "the power of our protein and all." Bath is a force that increases every day, creating every rash of violent crime throughout the city. Zeus was in danger of ruin because the forces of Bath were constantly winning the battles.

Zeus' leaders, however, will believe that the project will proceed in secret. It is enhanced to create a soldier wearing the body armor, the strongest of the strongest. The ability to modify the human body was conceived. Finally, three humans were transformed into fighting robots.



Characters in all three players who they, as well as their attack power and mobility, there is a difference to the amount recovered by the cooking at dinner as mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Is introduced along the profile below, this can be seen to be inserted before the new profile as well as demo screen instructions.

The three stories are also set back their people, this film is poorly directed the whole surface can be told in these stories is not a game. However, their "favorite food" has been reflected in the actual game, the amount recovered in relation to dinner, and say important information on the game progresses.

Explosion Baron mediocrity

  • Original and dark boxing champion
  • Height: 192 cm
  • Weight: 96 kg
  • Biography: in Bath, which staged a death match with my friend, they let someone into a coma a friend. Baron and explosions were picked up and doctoral someone having an abyss of despair, vow revenge in Bath.
  • Favorite food: meat

The so-called power-oriented character, attack power is slightly inferior to the high mobility. Setting that boxer is original in the game whether the effects of modifications use the techniques in wrestling. Favorite food is easy to collect the meat is relatively easy, most surprisingly picky menu, dinner menu to choose carefully.

Explosion Lady

  • Winged race Queen of the Fairies
  • Height: 144 cm
  • Weight: unknown
  • Birthday: December 26,
  • Biography: by Fairy hunting by the bath was being driven into the endangered. At that time Dr. and admonished to bath devastating explosion Lady.
  • Favorite food: strenuous Xin food

Both the standard Power Attack aircraft type, the so-called balance. In addition to blazing a jump kick, stab the ground the enemy can even grab a particular technique. Unlike the other two performance art of throwing, so impress upon him the type strikes while walking, low posture "booby" and the enemy can not involve. At dinner, and do not get so red pepper is not only the first aspect of the favorite foods can make a difficult life up a little dramatic. I like a wide range of menu, but fish up and decent life is expected.

Large explosion-proof beast be taken and oh-I

  • Synthetic animal Android
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Biography: Dr. Magic Heaven cruising the city of Zeus, human cloning was made from the hair of animals available. Once more the surgery Cyborg further be large.
  • Favorite food: ice cream

The character-driven, speed, mobility and continuous minutes 長Keru in the art, low attack power. Unlike people in the other two systems performance grip clothesline technique, the number of hits as they throw it on one time only. The dinner is to say against you like to narrow menu. Ice is the most important ingredient, "Yodare" and "Well you" definitely want to get from.


Giant gave the nail a big arm. Punch attack by attack only fingernail. Less physical, less strong.
Missile columns
Android is a warhead missiles like the pile lower body, upper body in a macho man. Although usually invisible because only a shadow in the sky to fall from one's life and head towards the player, finished his short life to reach the ground and exploded. The trap-like characters, players attack Reforms, given the damage that can not be beat. This also drop food.
Han is no odor, three unique stages of type android bunny appear from. Attack is very aggressive, go out with a hip-distance attack and turning kick. Only when selecting players for some reason, can have special attacks like aura sphere. Only certain colors are "to be ~ says," will be named.
It support
  • Biography: What do you hate to be trampled (which is too small to read other letters)
Small android. Only about the size of a normal foot of the characters. Later as a pilot, "Ai," Some appear to ride on that alone coming towards others. Players take on the head of a big jump from time to time, come against Kosakkudansu dancing. Since you can damage the immune stop the movement, there will be another chance to attack its enemies. That can kill with a single blow to poor physical fitness as it looks, can not put a grip on the system and therefore techniques. Can be stepped down through a crush on. Only certain colors are "cutting to the mountains friend Yuki (23)" will be named.
Mine look like the lid of the pan with the legs. Shape of the foot is "Your Well" is similar to the jump is not (can not). The treadmill can also destroy this enemy, the foot and explode as the name, there is a similar blast force Yodare attack. Except when necessary for safety is high and sliding down.
Matchoman head body and legs with a round tank. Motionless on the spot, I fire coming from the burner central body approaches the player. Can kill with a single blow. I have no actual ability to move, this character can not be selected using the trick.


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