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The H6K Mavis is a vehicle in Battlestations: Pacific.

The H6K Mavis is the basic Japanese flying boat. It is superior to its allied equivalent, the PBY Catalina. The H6K outclasses the PBY in about every respect, most notably it's large payload of four 250 kg bombs, torpedoes, or depth charges, which is double to that of the Catalina.

While the armour of the Mavis is very weak, it has an adequate AA complement of six 7.7mm machine guns that can shrug off weak air attacks. However, it is big and slow, and fighter escort is advised to draw fire away from these "LSTs of the air".

Ground Attack[edit | edit source]

The Mavis is quite reliable in the ASW role. Being able to carry four depth charges (more than most other aircraft)you can completely annihilate a submarine in just two well-aimed runs. Plus, Mavises carry sonar to detect submerged subs. Against surface targets, the Mavis's bombs are ineffective, as the Mavis makes an inferior level bomber. Equipping them with torpedoes is your best bet against ships. It's four torpedoes are generally overkill against destroyers, and they can deliver a killing blow against heavy cruisers and battleships.

H6K vs. H8K[edit | edit source]

The H6K's bigger brother, the H8K Emily, is an upgraded version of the former. The H8K has the same four torpedoes and similar AA defences, but it is faster and more maneuverable, and has thicker armour. But the biggest improvement of the Emily is that they come in squads of three in island capture for the same cost of 100 command points. Overall, the H6K is a semi-reliable aircraft, but the H8K is an all round improvement.

In Game Description: This huge flying boat, with a wingspan 50% larger than the B-17 bomber, is considered an excellent transport and reconnaissance plane. Known to the Japanese as the 'Type 97 Flying Boat', it can carry a payload of torpedoes, a 2205lb bomb load or 16 passengers.