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HROT is a retro shooter game developed and published by Spytihněv. It was published on Steam for Microsoft Windows on January 29, 2021.


This is a single-player retro FPS set in a small socialist country neighboring Soviet Union (Czechoslovakia) after an unspecified disaster in 1986.

The player starts in a civil defense shelter deep under a Prague Metro station. As a proud holder of the military readiness badge, they put on a non-functioning gas mask, load the vz. 52 pistol and protect the peace and their socialist homeland from the intruders.


  • The classic gameplay and vibe of romeric shooters from 1990s including a fitting brown retro aesthetic.
  • You'll find a shotgun, a vz. 13 SMG, a rocket launcher and even some secret experimental Soviet battery-powered weapons (e.g. a ball lightning launcher). If you run out of ammo, you might find the hammer and sickle coming in handy.
  • Handcrafted levels inspired by real locations with an emphasis on historical details. Every level contains socialist paraphernalia.
  • Flushable toilets and destructible light bulbs.
  • A custom engine written in Pascal imitating 1990s software-style rendering with unfiltered textures and polygon jitter.

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