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  • Crowbar - A red and silver stick of metal typically used to pry open manholes. Probably the most iconic weapon of the Half-Life franchise, and with the way Gordon waves that thing, it's no wonder why. Can be used underwater.
  • 9mm Glock - Holds a 17-bullet clip and causes minor damage. Primary fire is normal speed, secondary fire is fast and inaccurate. Shares its 9mm ammo with the MP5, which comes in 17 and 50-bullet clips. Gordon can carry a total of 250 rounds. Can be used underwater. (This weapon is a Beretta when using the High Definition Pack)
  • Colt Python .357 - A large hand canon of a revolver; six chambers each hold a bullet for up to six bullets at at a time. Does a lot of damage and in multiplayer, the secondary fire allows for a sniper mode. Uses .357 ammo which comes in six bullet boxes. Gordon can carry a total of 36 rounds. Cannot be used underwater.
  • Shotgun - Powerful at short range, inaccurate at long range. Primary fire is a single shot, secondary fires twoshots. Carries 8 rounds at a time, which come in 12-round boxes. Gordon can carry a total of 125 rounds. Cannot be used underwater. (This weapon is a SPAS12 when using the High Definition Pack)
  • MP5 with attached grenade launcher - A sub-machine gun based on the Heckler & Koch model. However, this weapon can hold up to 50 rounds, instead of 30, and has an attached grenade launcher. Utilizes the same 9mm ammo as the Glock, which come in 17 and 50-bullet clips. Gordon can carry a total of 250 rounds. Cannot be used underwater. (This weapon is an M4 Carbine when using the High Definition Pack)
  • Crossbow - A weapon that fires tranquillizer darts and has an attached scope to allow for longer ranged attacks with secondary fire. In multiplayer, secondary fire also switches the darts to explosive. Uses dart 5 dart clips and Gordon can carry up to 40 extra darts. Can be used underwater.
  • RPG with Laser Guide - Fires off a rocket-propelled grenade which then can be guided to the target with the attached laser sight. Secondary fire turns off the laser sight. Uses RPGs, which come in singles, and Gordon can carry five extras. Can be used underwater.
  • Tau Cannon (Gauss Gun) - Gauss was a term a unit of measurement for magnetic flux density, before being superseded in favour of the SI system. Designed at Black Mesa, this experimental and highly unstable Tau Cannon prototype operates by generating a powerful magnetic field, similar to a railgun, which fires off particles. Primary fire shoots rapid-fire bolts which can ricochet off walls. Secondary fire charges up the Cannon until it fires off a bolt that can pass through walls up to a certain thickness, killing whatever is behind it. The Tau Cannon uses a propriety power source from Black Mesa, which comes 20 units to a brick. Cannot be used underwater.
  • Gluon Gun - Gluons are elementary subatomic particles that mediate the strong interactions of quarks. How this is turned into a weapon is anyone's guess. The Gluon Gun (nicknamed the Egon due to its resemblance to the proton packs of Ghostbusters fame) is an experimental weapon designed at Black Mesa that generates a beam of blueish energy that does massive amounts of damage, though it uses energy at a rapid rate. Secondary fire does nothing unless you use primary fire, hold down secondary fire, then let go of primary. The blue energy beam will continue to project to wherever you were aiming before, no matter where you look. Useless, but it looks funny. The Gluon Gun uses the same propriety energy source that the Tau Cannon utilizes; which come in 20 unit bricks. Gordon can only carry 100 units of energy at any time. Cannot be used underwater.
  • Hivehand - The Hivehand is the primary weapon of the Alien Grunts. Gordon can stick his hand into it and use it as well. Primary fire shoots heat-seeking thornets that will home in on a target, and even go around corners. Secondary fire shoots off all 8 thornets in rapid succession without the seeking ability. The Hivehand will regenerate its ammo gradually until it has 8 again. Can be used underwater.
  • Grenades - Standard issue military grenades. Pull the pin and the grenade will explode in five seconds unless the pin is replaced. Gordon can carry 10 grenades at one time. Can be used underwater.
  • Tripmines - Tripmines are placed onto walls and emit a laser beam to the opposite wall. If the beam is broken or the tripmine is moved, it detonates. Gordon can carry 10 tripmines. Can be used underwater.
  • Satchel Charges - Primary fire drops a charge, and then blows it up. In order to drop more charges, secondary fire needs to be used. Gordon can carry 5 satchel charges. Can be used underwater.
  • Snarks - Snarks come five to a living nest and can be thrown at certain enemies. Gordon must be careful that a suitable target is nearby otherwise the Snarks may come back and attack him. Gordon can carry up to 15 Snarks at one time. Can be used underwater.