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Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm, The Video Game
Developer(s) Stainless Games
Publisher(s) Sega
Release date June 25, 2008 (XBLA)[1]
Genre Action game / Puzzle
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) ESRB: M
PEGI: 12+
Platform(s) Xbox 360 (XBLA), PC


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Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm is a video game based on the Flash cartoon series Happy Tree Friends developed by independent software developers Stainless Games and published by Sega. It was scheduled to be released in fall 2007 and then April 2008, but was delayed and released on June 25, 2008 on Xbox Live Arcade and on PC through Steam.


Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm is an action-adventure game utilizing a "physics-based reactive environment".[2] It is similar in some regards to Lemmings. In the game, players will be playing as 7 out of the regular 20 characters. When the game was released, there was an exclusive episode in the game. However, it was eventually aired on the HTF official website, making it redundant.[3]


The game does not include all major characters from the series. Cuddles, Petunia, Handy, Sniffles, Lifty, Shifty, Disco Bear, or Pop and Cub do not appear in the game leading to a great deal of disappointment.Template:By whom Lack of modern attributes like artificial intelligence, little to no character and camera control, lack of character interaction, expression nor situational response coupled with a multitude of "holes" (voids where the characters become trapped or unable to move through paths,) due to poor programming/design have lead to poor sales.[not in citation given]


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