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The logo of Hedgewars.
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Video Game
Hedgewars Team
Artillery game, strategy game, skill game
Keyboard, Mouse
BSD, Linux, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, HTML5 with WebGL and Android
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Hedgewars is a turn-based free and open-source artillery skill game. It is cross-platform and runs on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android. It features a single-player mission/tutorial mode, in addition to multi-team multiplayer gameplay.[1]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Hedgehogs[edit | edit source]

Teams are composed of pink hedgehogs, which can be customized with different voices, gravestones, forts, and hats. Names of teams and individual hedgehogs can be changed as well.

Each hedgehog starts with a certain amount of hitpoints, which may be reduced with a variety of weapons. Hedgehogs die when they enter the water or their hitpoints are reduced to zero. Under normal game rules, a player wins when all hedgehogs on opposing teams have been eliminated, though it is possible to create custom rules.

Movement[edit | edit source]

Each hog can move as much as necessary within the turn timelimit. Movement controls include:

  • Left/Right move
  • Forward jump
  • In/Out
  • on/off
  • Vertical jump
  • Movement utilities (such as the rope)
  • Attacking

Players can also modify these controls as well.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Hedgewars Weapons & Utilities

Numerous weapons and utilities are at the player's disposal. Hedgewars includes artillery-genre classics (such as grenade, bazooka, shotgun), but also features a host of other weapons unique to it alone.[2] The weapon set is customizable through the settings menu, allowing players to choose which weapons are available, and in what quantities. Many weapons cause explosions that deform the terrain, removing circular chunks.

Weapons cause a range of damage to hedgehogs based on the weapon used and how hedgehogs are hit. Damage dealt to attacked hedgehogs is displayed when all movement on the battlefield has ceased. In newer versions there is also an option for an immediate damage display.

Explosives add another element to the gameplay. After planting or setting off an explosive, a hog has a certain amount of time to get away. This is sometimes a challenging problem in landscapes with hard-to-reach areas.

A handful of weapons also make humorous allusions to popular culture, such as the Hellish Grenade, Cake, Shoryuken, Portable Portal Device, Piano Strike and Time-Box.

Utilities[edit | edit source]

Aside from weapons, there is a multitude of utilities available to the player. Some, such as the rope and teleporter, give greater map mobility. Others, such as the TimeBox, allow the player to remove his or her hog from the game and retrieve it at a random point in the future.

Landscape[edit | edit source]

The landscape is an island floating on a body of water, or a restricted cave with water at the bottom. Starting with 0.9.10 the auto-generated maps can be changed in size or customized with map templates.[3]

In additional to randomly generated, themed maps, there are also custom-drawn maps available. Maps can be created by players with any editor capable of producing .png files.[4]

In the 0.9.15 release, a basic map editor was added, allowing players to draw their own maps from within the game.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Several players can play together, typically each using one team. The game can be played in tutorial mode, against an AI team, locally against another player on the same computer, or online via either LAN or the official server on the Internet (providing all players uses the same version of the game).[5] As of 0.9.15, Hedgewars also includes a variety of scripted modes and missions, allowing variant gameplay such as Capture the Flag, Control the Point, Random Weapons, and so on. Fort Mode also allows you to utilize your hedgehog team's fort design.

Prevalence[edit | edit source]

Hedgewars, although not as popular as other artillery games, has carved out a niche. The number of downloads on gna.org recently has been greater than that of Warmux.[6]

Hedgewars 0.9.17 was downloaded 512,217 times from Gna.org as of 2012-10-01.[7] The Ubuntu Popularity Contest, a subset of Ubuntu users who opt into data collection, reports 31,567 installations of hedgewars-data.[8]

Hedgewars has a [[Twitter feed, and a Facebook page with 3,158 fans.[9]

Hedgewars is a widely-recognized FOSS project, with many contributors worldwide. The project has participated in the 2011 and 2012 Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In, both open source community involvement programs.

Supported Platforms[edit | edit source]

Hedgewars supports most desktop and many mobile operating systems, including:[10]

Desktop[edit | edit source]

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X (PPC and Intel)
  • Linux
  • FreeBSD

Mobile[edit | edit source]

  • iOS
  • Android

Other[edit | edit source]

  • WebGL via an HTML5 cross-compile using emscripten

Development[edit | edit source]

Languages[edit | edit source]

Hedgewars is developed in a variety of programming languages, including:[11]

  • Free Pascal, for the engine
  • C++, for the GUI
  • Objective-C, for the iOS GUI
  • Java, for the Android GUI
  • Haskell, for the server and for converting Pascal into C as part of the web cross-compile
  • Lua, for map scripting
  • JavaScript, for the HTML5 WebGL cross-compile.

The graphical interface is written using SDL and Qt libraries.[12]

People[edit | edit source]

Hedgewars has a small, but dedicated team of contributors. Major developers include:[13]

  • unC0Rr (joined October 2004)
  • displacer (joined January 2006)
  • Tiy (joined April 2008)
  • Palewolf (joined December 2008)
  • nemo (joined January 2009)
  • koda (joined June 2009)
  • sheepluva (joined July 2009)
  • smaxx (January 2010 - December 2010)
  • Henek (joined May 2010)
  • mikade (joined November 2010)
  • Xeli (joined June 2011)

Version History[edit | edit source]

Desktop[edit | edit source]

Date Version Number Notes
25 December 2013 0.9.20 New campaign, improved online mode, updated translation.
30 May 2013 0.9.19 Fruit theme, smarter AI, new weapons, new challenges, new maps.
31 October 2012 0.9.18 Campaign, video recording, smarter AI.
19 November 2011 0.9.17 Cave theme, smarter AI, ice, graphical tweaks.
17 September 2011 0.9.16 Added DLC, 3D rendering, Tag team mode, golf theme, new single-player modes, Time Box. Buggy; emergency rerelease after.
28 December 2010 0.9.15 Winter theme, 3 new game modes (Capture the Flag, No Jumping, Random Weapon), custom map support.
15 November 2010 Emergency rerelease of 0.9.14 due to bugs in many new features.
14 November 2010 0.9.14 Added Flamethrower, Hammer, Sticky Mines, Limberger. New maps/themes, better interface. Buggy; emergency rerelease after.
3 April 2010 0.9.13 Better AI, new hats/themes, interface improvements, visual effects, exploding barrels.
18 October 2009 0.9.12 Flying Saucer, Molotov Cocktail, updated graphics and sound, team chat, new maps/themes, interface improvements.
24 May 2009 0.9.11 Sniper Rifle, speech bubbles, new graves/hats, new theme, 3 new game modifiers.
13 April 2009 0.9.10 Better terrain generator, new themes/music/hats, utilities, graphics update, team generator, [Hedgewars.org] accounts supported on server.
19 January 2009 0.9.9 RC Plane, voicepacks, precise aim, new sound effects.
6 January 2009 0.9.8 Drill Rocket, Napalm Strike, Super Weapon, improved network play, new server lobby, lobby chat, new maps/themes.
31 Oct 2008 0.9.7 Redesigned frontend, reworked network play, admin privileges on servers, huge amount of content (maps, themes, graphics, weapons, options).
29 July 2008 0.9.6 Cake of Doom, new maps/themes.
9 July 2008 0.9.5 Taunts, sudden death, better explosions, new maps.
18 June 2008 0.9.4 In-game chat, new content (maps, themes, features, weapons, animations).
27 April 2008 0.9.3 OpenGL rendering, other major graphics updates, new themes/sounds.
22 January 2008 0.9.2 Registration of network games on web, weapon sets, clans, teleportation/hog switching, smaller network footprint.
24 February 2007 0.9 Mine Strike, Blow Torch, Construction Tool, network games, bonus boxes.
24 November 2006 0.8.1 Initial release.

iOS[edit | edit source]

Date Version Number Notes
25 September 2011 1.3.2 Fixed multitasking, improved retina display support, new game mode/map, stability/usability updates.
16 September 2011 1.3.1 Fixed retina display screen size.
3 September 2011 1.3 New themes, frontend sound, game restore feature, drops support for below iOS 4.0.
22 February 2011 1.2.3 Polishing, bug fixes, screenshot support.
5 January 2011 1.2.2 Christmas theme with snow, stat page, fixed grave bug.
20 December 2010 1.2.1 Multitasking support, retina display support, new content/options.
12 December 2010 1.2 iPhone and iPod Touch support, stability updates, lots of content (weapons, themes, game modes).
29 October 2010 1.1 Multitasking support, retina display support, new content/options.
28 September 2010 1.0.1 City theme, preview voicepacks feature, reduced size.
16 September 2010 1.0 Initial iPad release.


Android[edit | edit source]

As of 23 November 2011, the Android port of Hedgewars is still in alpha stage.[15]

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