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Hellbender is a PC video game developed by Terminal Reality in 1995-1996 and released by Microsoft in 1996, as the sequel to Fury3. A demo version of the game was included on later CD-ROM versions of Windows 95.


Hellbender features similar gameplay to Fury3 and Terminal Velocity. The player is in control of a space craft (the 'Hellbender') and must fly it around a map, destroying various targets and reaching checkpoints. There is a large selection of weapons available, including the Valkyrie cannon and the Sledgehammer rocket.[1] Many more weapons are available by collecting power-ups during gameplay.

The levels in Hellbender are composed of a few missions that take place on various planets. There are typically 3 to 4 missions per planet.


The player is portrayed as the last surviving pilot for the Coalition, the defense group that must protect Earth from destruction by the Bions, an alien race that were created by scientists from Earth, but the creations backfired and the Bions became ruthless killing machines, able to build their own spaceships and equipment. The pilot must accomplish various objectives on different worlds in order to stop the Bions, save Earth, and win the game. The storyline is essentially the continuation of the storyline for Fury3.

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