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So, you're looking for a certain page on Codex Gamicus? Here's some information that you may find useful.

How to search[]

There is a search bar located in the top-right of the page; when you want to begin a search, you can press enter, or the magnifying glass icon to the right. However, the system will provide guesses in a drop-down.


Searching is generally case insensitive, and tends to ignore words like "The". That means that typing legend of zelda will still get you to The Legend of Zelda.

Multiple Articles/Disambiguation[]

So, what if a name could apply to multiple articles? That leads to what we call a disambiguation page - a page that will list all the articles associated with a specific name.

Note that disambiguation pages are only used on pages where the different options are equally important or relevant. If one option is way more relevant than the others, we may just link to that article, with a small link to a disambiguation at the top. For example, people who search for Bass are probably referring to the Mega Man series character - therefore Bass Armstrong of the Dead or Alive series is only mentioned at the top.

Can't find a page?[]

If you typed in a page and can't find it, there are some explanations:

  1. You mis-typed it. Some articles may have accented characters as part of their title, however, a redirect from an equivalent non-accented title should exist. If it doesn't, it may need to be created.
  2. That article doesn't exist. Even if it's a really popular video game that you think should have an article by now, sometimes it doesn't. Please, feel free to create it for us.