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Hero's Heart
Hero's Heart DOS.png
Publisher(s) Everett Kaser Software
Designer Designer Missing
status Status Missing
Release date 1992
Genre Strategy
Mode(s) Single-player
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Input Mouse/Trackpad, Keyboard
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Hero's Heart is a computer strategy game that was included in Microsoft Windows.[citation needed] It is similar to the game Chip's Challenge.


Hero's Heart was copyrighted in 1992 by Everett Kaser Software. It was "...distributed under the shareware concept." The initial game contains 25 levels as well as a level editor. There was the option to purchase an advanced version of the game, Hero Gold. "Hero Gold includes 10 additional objects[...],a total of over 80 different levels[...], along with multiple hints and complete solutions for each puzzle, printed manual and hint book, and no registraion reminder screens!"

The game is "dedicated to Sharon, Shane, and Megan for Time given."

How to Play[]

The following is from the Instructions page of Hero's Heart

"The Game: HERO is a game of logic. It does not require quick reflexes, nor will they do you any good. You must use your eyes and your mind to think your way through these puzzles. Each level will always play exactly the same, perfectly repeatable. You are the Hero, and your task is to collect all of the hearts. The blue hearts may not be collected until a Creeper turns them red."

"Nothing moves until you move. After each of your moves, every other object gets a chance to move. Some objects never move, others may move across the entire playfield in one turn (such as arrows, boulders, and ballons). Once you've moved, you will be unable to move agan until everything else is done moving, so don't try hitting keys quickly to get in and out of some place, as it won't do you any good.

Some objects may slip off of each other, sliding around each other (such as boulders, arrows, ballons, and slopes). Boulders, arrows, and balloons can be pushed sidewise by the hero, and anything moving past them within a certain area will 'trigger' them to move (if they can)."


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