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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (神次元ゲイムネプテューヌV Kami Jigen Game Neptune V?, also known as Ultra Dimension Neptune V) is a 2012 action role-playing game developed and published by Compile Heart along with the assistance of Idea Factory. It is the third instalment in the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise.

Set in the year 1989, the story takes place after Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 in an alternate dimension to Gamindustri, bringing more insight to the "console war" story arc. The game was released on August 30, 2012 in Japan and in North America and Europe in March 2013. Like the first game, this game received a rating of "Teen" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.



The game takes place in an alternate world in the year 1989. The regions of Lowee, Leanbox, Lastation, and Planptune exist in this world as well. However, the countries' cultures differ from those in Gamindustri. For example, Lowee's towns and cities are said to be modeled after a Japanese style of architecture.


A few years have passed since the Deity of Sin's destruction. Even though it has had a few small conflicts here and there, Gamindustri has remained peaceful, and all the CPUs have been living their carefree lives.

Then one day, Neptune—The CPU of Planeptune—is swept away to another dimension. The new dimension she arrives in is a very familiar Gamindustri, but with a nostalgic 80s feel to it...

She learns that a mysterious group called the "Seven Sages" have been planning evil schemes to eliminate the CPUs in this other Gamindustri.

Neptune's new journey to return home, as well as protect this other dimension, starts here...

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