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A map of the Land of Hyrule from a Zelda comic.

Hyrule is the name of the kingdom in which many of the Legend of Zelda games take place. In Japan, it is called Hylia. It's appearance and geography changes in each game, giving the impression that Hyrule undergoes drastic changes throughout its long history. Along with the central and important Hyrule Castle, Hyrule (for some reason) is also home to a suspicious amount of temples and dungeons.

Hyrule first appeared in the first Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda for the NES.


Hyrule has been the home of many different races and species. Some of these races have existed at different times, or are descended from each other.

Human races[]

  • Hylians - Link and Princess Zelda are Hylians. They're exactly like people, but have long elf-like ears. There's an old Hylian saying that the Hylians were given big ears to help them hear the voices of the gods. The Hylian race plays the role of the 'chosen people' in the overall Zelda storyline.
  • Gerudo - Ganondorf and Nabooru are Gerudo. They are a race of thieves that consist mostly of women. Gerudo women can only bare Gerudo women. It is said that a Gerudo male is only born once ever hundred years. The only known case of this happening in a Zelda game is the birth of Ganondorf, from Twinrova, a witch, said to be the surrogate mother for this fatherless child. Lore suggest that Gerudo males can only be born from a seed conjured by dark magic. The gems worn on the foreheads of Gerudo supposedly prolongs their life.
  • Kokiri - Saria and Mido are Kokiri. The Kokari are immortal children that live in the Kokiri Forest under the protection of the father-like Deku Tree. It is said that the Kokiri will die if they leave the Kokiri Forest, but at the end of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time they are seen at a party at Lon Lon Ranch. It is unknown whether this warning is merely a fairy tale invented to keep the children from straying, or if the forest gives them immortality through some kind of Never Land-like effect and leaving would cause them to die from eventual old age.

Hyrule, as it appears in Ocarina of Time.


  • Zora - Fish-like people..
  • Goron - Rock-like people.
  • Rito - Bird-like people. They are believed to be the descendants of the Zora.
  • Koroks - Plant-like people. They are believed to be the descendants of the Kokari. They all play instruments and have the ability to fly using their leaf-like hair.
  • Picori / Minish - Tiny mouse-like people. They are based off real faeries from real fairy tales, and have nothing to do with the Zelda fairies. They are the little guys that put power ups under rocks and bushes, as they're sole purpose for existing is to give happiness to humans.

Other Kingdoms[]