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Hyrule Warriors is a hack and slash video game released for the Wii U. The collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei result in a game that combines elements from The Legend of Zelda series & Dynasty Warriors series.




Zelda has a dream in which darkness invades the land of Hyrule. When she tells Impa of her dream, she warns that something bad is about to happen, and they should seek out "the chosen one". She walks out to balcony of the castle and overlooks the trainees, Link among them, and their eyes meet. One of the trainees rushes towards Zelda and warns of a horde of monsters storming towards the castle. The guards around the castle take up arms outside, Link decides to join the fight.


Dynasty Warriors-style action mixed with Legend of Zelda characters and settings (the ability to switch characters will be present). Classic items, weapons, and skills from the Legend of Zelda series make a return, as well as being able to change a character's main weapon. Items are gained by exploring and opening chests. Keeps can be captured by defeating commanders and bosses. The ability to craft items and badges to enhance combat abilities is a new feature that can accessed through the bazaar.



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