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iQue, Limited (simplified Chinese: 神游科技Template:; traditional Chinese: 神遊科技Template:; pinyin: Shényóu Kējì) is a Chinese joint venture with its founder, Wei Yen, and Nintendo. iQue also makes the iQue Player, which was the company's first product. The company manufactures and distributes official Nintendo consoles and games for the mainland Chinese market, under the iQue brand.

Currently, iQue may only release portable Nintendo games for iQue DS, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP. The iQue Player is the only home "console" available from the company in China. However, plans to release the Wii in China were officially announced by Satoru Iwata on October 28, 2007, although this never came to be. The Nintendo DSi was released in China in December 2009. Some of the games released for the iQue Player so far are Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros., Yoshi's Story, Paper Mario, and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.


File:IQue Wii China.jpg

An iQue shop in Beijing showing the Wii and the Wii menu on display

Home consoles[]

Portable consoles[]

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