Codex Gamicus

Their world is melting, and your Ice Age 2: The Meltdown pals need help escaping the biggest flash flood inprehist


Gene as Manny

Spike as Sid

Talking Tom as Diego

Stitch as Scrat

Joybreaks as Elie

Sulley And Mike as Crash and Eddie

Mighty Eagle as Lone Gosilone

Mickey Mouse as Fast Tony

Ligthing And Shark as Creatco and Maslteom

Dragons as Mini Sloth

Dinosaurs as Piranhas

Swim, splash, and scurry through all the action and adventure from the new Ice Age 2: The Meltdown movie and unearth fun, laughter and surprises along the way. Developed to utilize the full capability of the Wii Console and its unique Nunchuk controller, you'll shake and swing the Wii Remote to