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Icoso is an indie publisher and developer, who has his own YouTube channel. He has several games available on, and has even showcased using Microsoft programs for developing games, including Powerpoint, Word, and Excel.


Title Synopsis Genre Platforms
The IDEA - Game Idea Generator A simple, wacky game idea generator! :D Miscellaneous Browser
Submarine Bean - LD48! Dive deep into this game, dodging bombs and weaving through obstacles! Adventure Browser
Crazy Catchy Combos Mix and match musical loops in this monstrosity! Rhythm Browser & Windows
Blind Spot Explore an alternate dimension in this unique, top-down experience! Adventure Browser
Death Again Jump off of your corpse to... win! :D Platformer Browser & Windows
Mush Work Together Play as many mushrooms in this puzzle-platformer! Platformer Browser
MINIMA A simple, minimalistic speedrunning platformer with a blank, almost empty feel! :D Platformer Browser
Restore Save the world by restoring nature! :D Platformer Browser
Verto A game of reaction, swapping, and contrast...-y Racing Browser
PRISMA A challenge like you've never seen before in this vibrant, striking game! Action Windows & Mac
StarByte Shoot enemies, dodge explosive crates, and float freely in this cute little space-themed shoot-em-up! Shooter Browser & Windows