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The Inca were an Amerind people of the Northern Andes who conquered an empire stretching along the west coast of South America from what is now southern Chile nearly to the Equator. They had the bad timing to do it just a few decades before the Spanish conquistadors arrived in their part of the world in the 1530s CE. In that short time frame, the Inca were able to build over 15,000 km of roads throughout their realm. Their state was the largest in the Americas prior to the Spanish conquest and was maintained through a complex, hierarchical and pragmatic administrative system. They were, however, wracked as many kingdoms have been by crises of succession. When the Spanish arrived, the Inca were in the middle of one such crisis - the war between Atawallpa and Waskhar. They were the sons of the late ruler Wayna Qhapaq, who had died from disease - likely smallpox - that was sweeping through the land.