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Incognito Entertainment
Basic Information
Company Type
Development Branch, Sony Computer Entertainment America
May 1999
Twisted Metal franchise
Software & Programming
Key People
Scott Campbell, David Jaffe

Incognito Entertainment (originally Incog Inc.) was an American video game development company founded in May 1999 and is the developer of titles such as Twisted Metal, Warhawk and Jet Moto. The team was formed by former employees of SingleTrac, it was based in Salt Lake City and was part of Santa Monica Studio. The company was run by President and principal founder Scott Campbell, with longtime SingleTrac/Incog collaborator David Jaffe occasionally working as Producer or Designer at SCEA for the team's productions.

As of 2010 Incognito is considered defunct as most of its team members have already left the company forming mainly Eat Sleep Play and LightBox Interactive.

Games developed[]

Game Title Release Date Platform
Twisted Metal: Small Brawl November,2001 PlayStation
Twisted Metal: Black June,2001 PlayStation 2
Twisted Metal: Black ONLINE August,2002 PlayStation 2
War of the Monsters January,2003 PlayStation 2
Downhill Domination July,2003 PlayStation 2
Twisted Metal: Head-On March,2005 PlayStation Portable
Calling All Cars! May,2007 PlayStation 3
Warhawk August,2007 PlayStation 3


A majority of Incognito's team has already left the company though Sony has not commented on its disbandment, it has however been excluded from Sony's current group of first-party owned studios part of SCE Worldwide Studios making it the only studio not to be included. Further evidence confirming its closure would be that the company's official site redirects to Lightbox Interactive's official site instead.

Studio heads and founders David Jaffe and Scott Cambell left the company in July 2007 along with the majority of the studio's team members, to form their own independent studio called Eat Sleep Play which is backed by SCEA. The team which left Incognito consisted mainly of the development team behind most of the studio's games most notably the Twisted Metal series.[1]

The remainder of the team was led by Dylan Jobe and had been maintaining the PlayStation 3 online video game, Warhawk. However in March 2009, he along with several other members of Incognito left the studio to form a new studio called LightBox Interactive. Lightbox Interactive consisted mainly of the team behind Warhawk, and currently holds the responsibility of maintaining Warhawk, developing updates and expansion packs to Warhawk.[2]


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