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The game Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb is the newest and most realistic game of the Indiana Jones gaming collection. In this game, Indy is more realistic than ever. His voice is completely like the movie, unlike in Infernal Machine where his voice is noticeably different. Also, in Emperor's Tomb he looks just like he does in all the movies. Even sometimes when you just stand there he does a little twitch that makes you think you are really inside the game. The fighting is more complex and better than before (as Indy's fists are now a very good option) but sometimes it is a bit unrealistic, as it takes about 3 shots with a revolver or 15 thrusts in the stomach with a sword to kill the Nazi or Arab or whatever bad guy you're fighting. The storyline seems realistic enough to be the plot for another movie. The levels are incredibly detailed and real, often including references towards the movies. Overall, most people will find this game is a huge improvement on the others and a great game.


In 1935, after an archaeological trip to Ceylon to find the Heart of Koru Watu, Dr. Jones is visited by Marshall Kai, an official in the Chinese government, and his assistant Mei-Ying. They tell him about The Heart of the Dragon, a black pearl buried with the First Emperor of China, and that evil forces are trying to steal it. Jones takes the case and is given his first assignment; to find the two pieces of The Mirror of Dreams that will help him navigate through the Emperor's Tomb (he unknowingly found the first piece in Ceylon).


Actor/Actress Role(s)
David Esch Indiana Jones
Vivian Wu Mei-Ying
Keone Young Marshall Kai, Ch'in Shi-Huang-Ti
Nick Jameson Albrecht Von Beck, Ivory Hunters
Kai Wulff Richter, Soldier 3
Matt Lindquist Kent
Jennifer Yen Feng Twin 1, Feng Twin 2
Alan Drevin Wu Han
Kevin Richardson Homonculus, Triad Ghoul
Jim Ward Soldier 2


The range of weapons is mainly guns that are German or American, some form of a sword, or an improvised weapon. The weapons are (in order of obtainment):

  • Revolver
  • Whip
  • Canteen (yes, even your canteen is a weapon!)
  • Machete
  • Shovel
  • Bottle
  • Table Leg
  • Chair
  • Shotgun



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