Codex Gamicus
Manufacturer Mattel
Type Console
Release Date 1980 (NA)
Media Cartridge
Save Format None
Input Options 2 Built-In Intellivision Controllers
Special Features Cartridge Input
Power Switch
RF Output
Power Output
Units Sold 3 million
Top Selling Game Astrosmash
(1 million)
Variants Intellivision II
Intellivision III
Competitor(s) Atari 2600
Emerson Arcadia 2001
Atari 5200
Predecessor None
Successor None

The Intellivision was a console released by Mattel Electronics in 1980. It boasted of having "realistic" graphics in its line of sports games that were usually shown in advertisements comparing the system to its competitor, the Atari 2600. Its controllers, which combined a 12-function keypad with a control disc and four side action buttons, would be inspirational to the production of game controllers for the Atari 5200, the ColecoVision, and the Emerson Arcadia 2001.

The Intellivision was originally marketed by Mattel in the early 1980s. After the Video Game Crash of 1983, all Intellivision stock was sold to a company named INTV Corporation, which continued to sell the system through mail order, even having new games being made for it, until it was discontinued in 1991.

The Intellivision system was notably used in TV call-in game shows like TV Pixxx on New York City's Channel 11 independent station.


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