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Izumo Zero[]

The year was 1879, 12 years into the Meiji period. The stage was Yokohoma, the gateway of Western influences into Japan. In this era of scientific knowledge and industrialization, an organization of Ghost Busters was formed. It was the "Police Department Special Squad".

  • Nagamine Kazuto, following the dying word of his grandmother to seek out a family friend in Yokohama.
  • Sawaki Souichirou, an elite navy officer receiving an order to transfer.
  • Yamada Toranosuki, a young man of the streets seeking to train himself in the martial arts.
  • Nagamine Youko, seeking to be reunited with her long-separated older brother.
  • Uesugi Misono, a woman of an ancient clan hunting for a husband to pass on the clan name.
  • Tamaki Moyu, a girl from Okinawa, seeking her father.

The story follows these six young men and women as they fight against ghostly conspiracies, and learn about friendship, purpose, love, war, and the pursuit of happiness.

The PS2 port is titled "IZUMO零~横濱あやかし絵巻~", will not have H scenes. It is speculated that there might be some additional side story added to it, but the gameplay should otherwise remain the same.

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  • To be published by BLACKJACK in Japan on 2007 July 12th. Rated D (CERO-D).



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