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Jay Littman
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Biographical Information

Jay Littman is a developer in the computer game industry. He has been a Producer for Ganz Studios, MarbleMedia, Kesmai Studios, Alliance Interactive Software, Expert Software, an Executive Producer for Interactive Magic and iEntertainment Network, and a Senior Producer for Humagade. In this career, he has produced about fifty products, primarily massively multi-player simulations for Microsoft Windows and the Apple Macintosh. His most notable productions have been Harpoon Online, Air Warrior Macintosh, WarBirds III, and Dawn of Aces.

His current projects are WarBirds III, WarBirds 2.77,, Dawn of Ace Fighter Ops, Raider Wars, Shock Force and Fighter Pilot Academy.[1]

Memberships: Computer Game Developers Association (since 1993), International Game Developers Network (charter member), and the Academy of Interactive Art and Sciences (charter member).

He received a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Florida International University (Miami, Florida).

Game Credits and awards[]

  • MarbleMedia
    • Drive Me Crazy, Splatalot Attack, Opie’s Home
  • Ganz Studios
    • Cloud Corral, Hoppy Little Rocket ship, Webkinz Friends and Amazing World Friends
  • Humagade
    • Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures, FamilyGuy, Homies, MXvsATV, TopTrumps, SouthPark:SportsDay, SouthPark:SaveKenny, Spinner, Winter Olympics, Bejeweled 2, Jungle Bowling, Word Champ, ICTV Card Games, Snap Shot, Seven Seas, and Mummy Maze
  • iEntertainment Network
    • WarBirds III, WarBirds 2.xx, Dawn of Aces, Fighter Ops, Raider Wars, Shock Force, Armored Assault, Fighter Pilot Academy, Tank Attack, Air Combat, Dawn of Aces II, Seven Kingdoms II, Wall Street Tycoon, and Road to Moscow
    • Awards: Dawn of Aces, 4 ½ out of 5 stars Computer Games/Strategy Plus magazine; WarBirds 2.xx : Online-Game of the Year 1997, 1998, and 1999 from PC Games magazine, Online Fight Sim of 1999 and 2000 from, Best Online Flight Sim Runner Up of 2000 from, Excellence award for online multiplayer combat simulation for 1999 from; WarBirds III: Best Online Simulation of 2001 from Simulation News magazine, Best Game of 2001 Simulation category from Mac Game Database magazine
  • Kesmai Studios
    • Harpoon Online, Air Warrior (Macintosh, Fujitsu and Windows), Legends of Kesmai, and War Patrol
  • Alliance Interactive Software
    • The Big 3, and Harpoon Classic
  • Expert Software
    • Budo, Catacombs, DogNapped!, Street Ball, Expert Common Knowledge, Expert Animator, Personality Expert, Expert Diet, Ten Best Fortune Teller, Lottery Expert, Expert Astrologer, Expert Travel Planner, Expert Home Design, Expert Pet Care, Expert Landscape, and the Frogman game franchise.