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Jet Set Radio Future is the sequel to the game Jet Set Radio, and was bundled with new Xbox systems when it was released in 2002, alongside Sega GT 2002. The game features cel-shaded graphics and an extensive soundtrack featuring obscure artists.


A man by the name of Rokakku Goji has recently became the corrupt mayor of Tokyo. He's using his influence to interfere with the law, destroying Tokyo's industry, society, and culture. He hired his own personal law enforcement group, called the Rokkaku Police to make sure everyone behaves. Even though all this corruption is happening, a young group of kids, who call themselves the "Rudies" have set out to bury Tokyo in graffiti. The player takes control of a group called the "GGs" and is helped by DJ Professor K, the local underground radio broadcaster to make their mark and stop the spread of corruption.


At the start of a new game, the player is given a brief tutorial on how to play, including jumping, grinding, and spraying graffiti. Each character has their own individual stats such as acceleration and health. Throughout the game, the player will come into contact with various law enforcement personnel, some of which require strategy to take down.

Players are able to customize their game prefences by going to the Garage. Here, alongside saving, they can choose from a variety of other options, such as customizing graffiti, and setting the Garage's default song.