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Junction Point Studios
Basic Information
Company Type
Subsidiary of Disney Interactive Studios
Video games
Video game industry
[[The Walt Disney Company]]
Key People
Warren Spector

Junction Point Studios is a video game developer based in Austin, Texas. The studio was established in 2005 by Warren Spector and Art Min, prominent figures in the game development industry. The new studio is based around several former employees of Ion Storm, where Spector and Min previously worked.

Junction Point has not yet released any games, but is currently working on an unspecified "fantasy" title. Few details have been released about the game as yet. Junction Point has indicated that its game will be a "combination of action and roleplaying, traditional narrative and player choice", and will use Valve's Source engine. It will be delivered through Steam, Valve's digital distribution service. It has also been revealed recently that the game will be episodic, in a similar vein to that of SiN Episodes and Half-Life 2 Episodes.[citation needed]

There has been speculation regarding the name "Junction Point" — apparently, this name was used by a canceled game at Looking Glass Studios, where Spector once worked. According to available descriptions, this game was a "massively multiplayer fantasy role-playing game, changed in midstream to a single-player science-fiction role-playing game." In March 2007, Spector explained the name in an interview:[1]

When I was with Looking Glass, the last thing I worked on with them on was a concept that I came up with along with Doug Church and some other guys. It was a very different approach to multiplayer online games called Junction Point. I loved the name and concept. I'm not revealing anything too dramatic since we're not doing the game, though I'd love to some day, but the name spoke to me more as a name for a studio than a name for a game. [...] It's also nice that it abbreviates to JPS, which rolls off the tongue.

On July 13, 2007, it was announced that Disney Interactive had acquired Junction Point Studios.[1] They have since been working on Epic Mickey, a Wii game starring Mickey Mouse.

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