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King of Fighters: Maximum Impact was released as KOF: Maximum Impact - Maniax for the Xbox

Characters From Previous Games[]

From The King of Fighters (Orochi)

From The King of Fighters (NESTS)

From Fatal Fury

From Art of Fighting

From Ikari Warriors

From Psycho Soldier

Original Characters[]

  • Alba Meira - The star of Maximum Impact who earned the nickname "The Devil of Daybreak" due to his devil tattoo which can be seen in the intro to the game. Alba is a former soldier and prodigy of Fate, the former boss of the Southtown gangs, who enters the tournament so he can contact (and destroy) Duke to basically rule Southtown in Fates stead.
  • Soiree Meira - Alba's younger twin brother, who is more brash than his cool-headed older brother. He is determined to help Alba dispose of Duke by any means necessary. Thinks the only power in southtown should be Alba's Power
  • Lien Neville - An assassin who Duke hires to enter the KOF tournament and dispose of any insurgency. But what are her true aims?
  • Duke - The leader of the Mephistopheles gang that controls Southtown. Earned the nickname "Hell's Executioner" because of the prominent scar across his neck. (Note: Duke is playable ONLY after beating the game as both Meira siblings.)
  • Mignon Beart - A young witch-in-training who enters the KOF tournament to test her own might and help create world peace. She also speaks in third person.
  • Chae Lim - Star pupil of Fatal Fury and King of Fighters character Kim Kaphwan, who enters the tournament in his place.

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