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Kaneko Seisakusho (金子製作所?), also referred to as Kaneko Co. Ltd. (カネコ株式会社?), was a Japanese video game publisher founded in Suginami, Tokyo, Japan by Hiroshi Kaneko. It published a number of games both under its brand and other companies, such as Air Buster, Nexzr, Shogun Warriors, DJ Boy, Guts'n, and the Gals Panic series. Although most of the games that Kaneko produced were standard arcade fare, they also earned a degree of notoriety for both DJ Boy (for its reputedly racist plot and negative stereotyping) and the Gals Panic series (the games often bordering on softcore pornography).

The last game released by the company was Gals Panic S3 for the Arcade in 2002.


The company began business as developer, manufacturer, vendor, trader of electronic machines, and manufacturing medical equipment.

In 1982, it began its video game business as a developer of Taito Corporation's video games.

In 1990, Kaneko began to make its own video game under the KANEKO brand.

In 2000-04-?, Kaneko went through financial restructuring, and exited video game business except for maintenance department. The company was moved to Shibuya, Tokyo.

In 2001-07-25, Kaneko filed a lawsuit against Hitachi Software Engineering over the Kaneko Super NOVA System arcade board, and demanded 1.52 billion yen for damages.[1]

On 2004-08-12, Kaneko filed for bankruptcy. However, the company's founder, Hiroshi Kaneko vowed to continue.

In 2006 a civil lawsuit threatened to officially close the company.[2]. The fate of the company is currently unknown, though assumed no longer existent.

Developed arcade games[]

Taito games[]

  • Flying Roller
  • Samurai Nipponichi
  • Kageki
  • Dr. Topple
  • Gals Panic (Japan)

Kaneko games[]

Electro Design games[]

  • Jan Jan Paradise
  • Jan Jan Paradise 2
  • VS Mahjong Otomeryouran

Developed home games[]


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