Kannagi no Tori

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Kannagi no Tori
Basic Information
Video Game
Studio Miris
Studio Miris
Adult, Dating Simulation
Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
Retail Features
Kannagi no Tori
Main Credits
Ichi Yuzuki, Izumi Nagano
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
November 292002
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Kannagi no Tori (神無ノ鳥 lit. "Rough God's Bird"?) is a BL game released on November 29, 2002.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Kannagi no Tori is a typical BL visual novel in which the player's actions govern specific plotlines and endings. One of the qualities in this game that makes it unique is that you can play the main character of the game as either seme or uke. It also contains a unique ending for every one of its characters, both bad and good. To reach specific endings for some characters, another character's ending must be reached beforehand.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

There is a place called Kanagiyama (Rough God's Mountain) and in there, there are people called Kannaginotori. Their job is to separate the soul from the body and take them to the dead's world. But one day, a Kannaginotori called Ikaru was summoned by the Jouan no Kan.

"After one month, on June 1; collect the soul of this boy that will die. His name is Ryū Watanuki."

A Kannagitori who cannot collect souls has no meaning to live. If he cannot, he will disappear from the world.

Refusing an order is impossible.

Ikaru, who went down to the human world, met a boy named Watanuki Ryuu.

Ryuu, a boy who avoids human; and his kind uncle..

And the story begins......

Main Characters in Kannagi no Tori[edit | edit source]

Ikaru[edit | edit source]

Voice By: Kenichi Suzumura Height: 151.5 cm Weight: 45 kg

Ikaru( イカルikaru) is the main character of the story. Ikaru is quick-tempered yet kind, and doesn't hesitate to act on his own perception of what is right. He is a Kannagi no Tori with the appearance of a young red-haired boy. Despite being a Kannagi no Tori, he has failed to retrieve the soul of a human because of his continued interference with the deaths of his targets. He is tasked by his superior to retrieve the soul of Ruu on his death date, or cease to exist on Kannagi Mountain.

Ruu Watanuki[edit | edit source]

Voice By: Kappei Yamaguchi Height: 147 cm Weight: 36 kg

Ruu Watanuki (綿貫琉宇watanuki rū) is a shy and good-natured young boy who is scheduled to die in an accident in one month. Ruu stays home with his uncle during his divorced parents' custody battle over him, and does not attend school at first. He meets Ikaru who pretended to be a classmate of his, and stays ignorant of Ikaru's position as a Kannagi no Tori, as well as his task to take his soul. Ruu has a pet hamster named Miris, who he claims he is able to understand and speak for.

Renjaku[edit | edit source]

Voice By: Hikaru Midorikawa Height: 157 cm Weight: 44 kg

Renjaku (レンジャクrenjaku) is one of the Kannagi no tori just like Ikaru. He has long white hair and a cold expression. His face shows no emotion but he does not hide the fact that he cares about his friend, and wants to make sure Ikaru completes his task. Renjaku is very serious about his duty towards bringing back souls, and in one scenario, even takes Ikaru's soul on the order of their superior when Ikaru fails to complete his mission of retrieving Ruu's.

Hakkan[edit | edit source]

Voice By: Kōji Yusa Height: 172 cm Weight: 60 kg

Hakkan (ハッカンhakkan) is a bright character and one of the Kannagi no tori just like Ikaru. Unlike Renjaku, he is outgoing and loves to joke around. He serves as an older brother figure to Ikaru, who he refers to as 'brat' or 'chibi' and always scolds him for not completing his tasks as he's supposed to. He also cares about Ikaru and also wants to make sure Ikaru retrieves the soul of Ruu, as he also doesn't want to see his friend disappear.

Yasunari Fukamachi[edit | edit source]

Voice By: Toshiyuki Morikawa Height: 182 cm Weight: 71 kg

Yasunari Fukamachi (深町康哉fukamachi yasunari) is Ruu's uncle and a novelist. He is the brother of Ruu's mother, and takes care of Ruu while his parents are sorting out the issue of his custody. Yasunari welcomes Ikaru into his home, and also initially believes that Ikaru is a worried classmate of Ruu's. Yasunari used to date Akihito's sister, who died in an accident.

Akihito Manabe[edit | edit source]

Voice By: Susumu Chiba Height: 179 cm Weight: 67 kg

Akihito Manabe (真部章仁manabe akihito) is the gloomy younger brother of Fukamachi's dead girlfriend. He visits Fukamachi's household often to find out the truth about his sister's death, though always leaves displeased in the end. He has come to dislike Fukamachi because of this.

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